Arvind Kejriwal

Top 10 Questions/Answer Every Indian Should Know about Arvind Kejriwal (Lok Sabha Elections 2019)

Before becoming a hotshot in the field of politics, Arvind Kejriwal was an IRS ( Indian Revenue Service ) officer. He chose to fight corruption by the side of Anna Hazare and decided to quit his job. He loves to stand for common people and that is the reason he won so convincingly in a place like Delhi. Here we are going to discuss 10 questions which you need to know about Kejriwal.

Arvind Kejriwal

1. What are his views on elections then and now?

Answer: In the year 2013, the Aam Aadmi Party was a new party and very less people knew about it in the country, but this time the people are aware of the goods that they can deliver will certainly vote them for their good works.

2. What are the chances of winning this time around?

Answer: The chances are huge as people are fed up now of BJP and will give them votes as they gained the confidence of people by their work over the years. The seats we got last time will certainly increase.

3. What are his views on Shazia Ilmi and some other people joining the BJP?

Answer: There are some people who did joined other parties but that does not mean that the AAP is becoming weak. There are more than 30,000 people who joined their party. Their popularity can be seen in the meetings. Even the biggest of BJP leaders does not attract such crowd as their party meetings attract.

4. What is the reason of the BJP calling him anarchist?

Answer: BJP is always fearful of the increasing popularity of Kejriwal so they tend to call him by different names, anarchist is one of them. They also called Kejriwal naxalite and monkey. This is just mudslinging to each other which is often seen in politics.

5. What is the strength of Kejriwal?

Answer: The main strength is of course to create drama around him. If you think how he creates this so flawlessly, for your information, he was a member of Technology Dramatics Society at the IIT Kgp. He was a leader of Social and Cultural events. I hope you got the answer.

6. What about his politics?

Answer: He was a common man so there was an expectation that his views will be a bit different from the other political parties like BJP, Congress, BSP, etc. But he gave us disappointment when he went down to level of communal politics. The actions which he did during the Dadri incident were very shameful. The comments which he gave on the suicide of an student were also not good.

7. Does he also speaks for publicity?

Answer: Yes sometimes he does. He does that without any proper planning. For Delhi, he announced ‘Free Wi-Fi’. Now what is the meaning in announcing when you can’t make that happen. He is checking the feasibility now which he had to check before committing. Isnt it making false claim like most other leaders do.

8. What was the reason of his fame?

Answer: The reason for his fame was his attachment with the biggest movement in the country Jan Lokpal Bill with Anna Hazare. With Anna the people started to gain faith in him too which ultimately lead him being the Chief Minister of Delhi.

9. What does he thinks about his battle with Modi?

Answer: He hates Modi and that is for sure. He started his publicity in the field of politics as a leader who is against corruption but soon after getting into power the anti-corruption slogans became anti-Modi. His re tweets are not funny anymore instead they are becoming annoying.

10. Has Kejriwal worked for poor before joining politics?

Answer: Yes he has indeed. He worked for two months under the guidance of Mother Teresa. He also worked with Anna Hazare before storming into power.

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