Rahul Gandhi

Top 10 Questions/Answer Every Indian Should Know about Rahul Gandhi (Lok Sabha Elections 2019)

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress president is the heir of the Nehru-Gandhi family. He took over the post from his mother Sonia Gandhi, who has been on the post for quite some period. He is a public figure so most people know him but there are things about him which many people don’t know but want to know. Here are 10 such questions with their answers.

Rahul Gandhi

1. What is the educational qualification Rahul Gandhi?

Answer: Rahul Gandhi completed his schooling at the Doon School in Dehradun. In 1994, he completed his B.A. from the Rollins College in Florida. In the year 1995, he received M. Phil. In Development Studies from the highly reputed Trinity College of Cambridge.

2. What is the ideology of Rahul Gandhi?

Answer: There are certain issues which Rahul Gandhi stands for like the bottom up approach in macroeconomics, decentralization of power, woman empowerment, transparency, etc.

3. What kind of human being is Rahul Gandhi?

Answer: Rahul Gandhi along with his sister is a very big contributor in charitable works. Some of his close persons tell that he is quite an emotional person who always likes to work for the poor and that too by staying away from limelight. One of such instances is his helping Nirbhaya’s brother to become a pilot and calling him personally multiple times to help him out in all the matters.

4. Is Rahul Gandhi a fitness freak?

Answer: Yes you can say that as right now he is the fittest among all the politicians in the country. He goes to gym regularly. Other that gym, he does jogging and swimming. In Japanese Martial Arts Aikido, he has a black belt. His fitness is the main reason of his energy and that’s why he is a perfect youth icon. He also opened 20 gyms in Uttar Pradesh.

5. How much is he dedicated towards his work?

Answer: He likes to spend his time with the poor people. According to him, that helps him in understanding their problems better. Then he brings those issues to limelight in the next political debate.

6. What is the best quality of Rahul Gandhi?

Answer: One of the best qualities of Rahul Gandhi is his sense of humor. It can be seen when he politely mocks Modi or any other parties.

7. What does he thinks of Modi and the 1984 riots?

Answer: Still now he blames Modi for the whole incident as he was the CM of Gujarat at the time. Though Modi got a clean chit from the court but still Rahul has this thing in his mind. He is of thinking that the riots can be stopped if the government in Gujarat had taken firm steps. He also thinks that BJP is not moving the country forward in a democratic manner.

8. What are his views on his family dynasty?

Answer: He thinks that he did not choose but was chosen to be born in the family. Now he have to move forward with it and try to improve the status of their dynasty. He likes to bring more youngsters to the political scene. But one thing he hates is the dynasty thing. This means to him is a closed system and he likes to run an open system.

9. What does he thinks about his battle with Modi?

Answer: He states that he is ready for battle and this time the tables will turn. He said that the BJP is doing the good for 60 months but they are delivering the goods from 60 years. The optimistic look he has may be his strategy.

10. What is the reason for his support to the AAP?

Answer: There are certain things that he disagrees about the AAP but most of the times he likes their conducive attitude and public outreach. It really awesome to see a leader supporting a different party.

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