PM Narendra Modi

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Narendra Modi as Prime Ministers Again in 2019

The 2014 election saw the rise of Narendra Modi and how he stormed into the power. After getting in power he gave a very strong message to his supporters as well as the people of India, “ We are not here for any positions but for a responsibility”. Every person in India liked him and appreciated his efforts of great schemes for poor people and strengthening the foreign policies. He worked very hard to fulfill what he promised. There are a lot of reasons to choose Narendra Modi as the next prime minister. We are mentioning here 10 of them.

PM Narendra Modi

1. Make in India:

One of the greatest ideas of Modi is the ‘Make in India’. It was started by the prime minister for boost research and investment, facilitate investment, and create a lot of skill based jobs by establishing the industrial sector. He got great response for the program from foreign companies. The program boosted the manufacturing industry in India and also increased the foreign investment in the country.

2. Replace Planning Commission by the newly created NITI Aayog:

The NITI ( National Institution of Transforming India ) Aayog was formed on 1st January 2015. The PM himself is the head of the project. Among the other members of the project are the highly decorated consultants and economists.

3. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan:

On the 2nd of October 2014, PM Modi launched the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan ( Clean India Campaign ). Dirt and filth is one of the major problems of the country. The PM gave importance to that and announced a countrywide campaign in clean up the locality. Modi then took help of various persons from the field of sports, film, business, and media to spread the sense of hygiene among the people of the country.

4. Policy Implantation and Economic Reforms:

In the secotors like export and manufacturing, the government focused to revive the Indian Economy by major reforms. The government increased the limits of FDI in Insurance, Defense, and Railways. Modi has started a lot of works for projects like the Clean Ganga Mission and 100 Smart Cities.

5. Jan Dhan Yojana:

The Jan Dhan Yojana was announced by Modi on 15th August 2014. At that year over 15 crore bank accounts were opened and the major goal of Modi was to provide pension, credit facility, and insurance to all the account holders.

6. Tourism Gets a Push:

In the action plan of the Modi Government, Tourism got a big spot. He wanted to make India one of the best travel destinations in the world. He started the process by introducing the visa-on-arrival service. The number of the foreign tourists increased a lot during the tenure of Modi.

7. Foreign Policy:

Modi Prime Ministers Again

The foreign policy of Modi is mainly creating great relations with all the neighbouring countries so that they can invest in India. He went to the US and met various big business persons there and convinced them to invest in India as a part of Make in India program. He did the same in Germany and France too and now we can see the difference as a lot of different foreign investors are investing in India.

8. Toilet Building Campaign:

By 2019, Modi has started a huge campaign to build around 10 crore toilets all over the country. The corporate sector is contributing in the project after the urge of Modi to do so. TCS has taken the responsibility of building over 10000 girls school toilet across the country and provided an amount of 100 crores for that. The Oriental Bank of Commerce also contributed 2 crore for the cause. Other companies like Bharti Foundation, Reliance Group, Adani Group, and Vedanta Group has also contributed in the campaign.

9. The Neighborhood First Policy:

The policy was implanted by Modi by inviting all the SAARC nations to a swearing-in ceremony. It is often called as one of the first diplomatic victories of Modi.

10. Confidence Building in Kashmir:

One of the most integral parts of India is Kashmir. They always have a lot of complaints about the government. But the Modi government has been able to build confidence over there too. When the valley was attacked by flood, the government was very active in the situation. The PM himself monitored the whole situation and went on to spend the Diwali with the people over there. After a long time, the people of Kashmir praised the role of government. Even the biggest critics of Narendra Modi praised him for this.

These are the 10 reasons to vote for Narendra Modi in the next elections of 2019. He will certainly give you many more reasons to choose him in future.