Which Party would Get Majority seats in Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

Which Party would Get Majority seats in Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

In the upcoming elections, it seems that BJP has an upper hand over the other parties. There are a lot of reasons for that. There are some other strong parties too but they will not hurt BJP that much. Modi will be the undisputed leader for the next 5 years again. The reasons are described below.

Which Party would Get Majority seats in Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

1. No Strong Opposition: If you see all the opponents BJP have, only Congress is worth mentioning who can be somewhat challenging for the BJP is the upcoming Lok Sabha elections of 2019. Other than team, the other parties are minimal threat unless they try to form an alliance along with Congress. But still, it is a tough ask as Congress themselves are not in a good position fighting under Rahul Gandhi.

2. Voted for the Change: For the people who don’t know why Modi was voted, he was voted to get rid of a corrupt government. Till now Modi handled the situation with grace and so his position is safe only if any big scam, inflation, riot, etc. not comes out to spoil his current situation.

3. Great Performance: The government is always on the right path. With several great policies like the Jan Dhan Yojana, Swachh Bharat, Maki In India, Skill India, Digital India, they gained the faith of the people in India. There are some hiccups though like the demonetization or the GST but still the BJP stand in strong ground.

4. The Incumbency Wave: There are a lot of efforts that the Modi government had made for a better India so there is a big chance that we can witness an incumbency wave in favor of BJP and Modi. If this happens, there is nothing the opposition can do. Modi certainly knows how to run a government and this will work in his favor.

5. Decisive Mandate: Voters tend to give a decisive mandate. This is a trend which is seen in the recent elections. Media plays a big role here. They push the votes in favor of the parties who deserve them. Among the two big parties, Congress have to chance to get the decisive mandate so BJP stands with a big chance.

6. Powerful PM: If you are going to form a strong government, you will certainly need a strong PM. Modi fits in that tag pretty well. There are some things to do as he had just started to bend the roads to the right directions and he needs some more time as there are long term policies which can’t be fulfilled overnight. He needs to be in the centre to execute the policies and prove his point by making India better and stronger.

7. Support of the Voters: Common voters are the most powerful in elections. The voters are maturing very fast due to the social media and a lot of youth is coming forward to change the system. The voters certainly know who to vote for. With their amazing work in their tenure, BJP has the popularity which other parties can only dream of.

These are the points which certainly prove that BJP is the best candidate for winning the next Lok Sabha Elections of 2019. Though anything is not permanent and things change very quickly. We just need to wait and watch. You can comment your views in our comments section about what you are thinking.