Will Demonetization & GST become a major Downfall for Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha Election 2019?

Will Demonetization & GST become a major Downfall for Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha Election 2019?

The GST and the demonetization are certainly the biggest steps Narendra Modi has taken in his tenure. The whole country had raised several issues over them but they did that with firm conviction. Now the 2019 elections are near and the steps Narendra Modi and BJP took may have some consequences over there. So now let’s take a brief look at the demonetization and GST and evaluate that if they are going to cause problems for Modi in the next election.

Will Demonetization & GST become a major Downfall for Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha Election 2019?


On 8th November 2016, the demonetization took place to demolish the existence of black money in the market. This will also help the government in pinpointing the defaulters.  The news took the nation by storm as the old notes are now not acceptable anywhere except some public places. The people away from home on a tour became completely helpless due to the crisis of money and not having new notes. Though the people are suffering, they never lost hope in their leader and thought this will be really good for a longer cause as the black money will be removed from the market. But the government did not handle the situation very well. First of all, there was the crisis of money. Other than that every day a new policy is coming out and confusing the public. The government made huge promises regarding the total demonetization system but with all settled down now, we can’t find a single change. So, the people who died standing in long queues did not get the worth for their lives. Mostly the villagers suffered as the village banks did not have proper cash and hence they were not able to change al their old notes. Due to the shortage of money, a lot of labors were working at less wages. A lot of small industries were taken down by the storm named demonetization.


The GST ( Goods and Services Tax) was enabled according to the 122nd amendment of the constitution. After the demonetization, this was the next biggest step taken by the Modi government. Since the launch, the GST became the topic of discussion. When the NDA government was there, the same BJP people were opposing the system, now they themselves started the GST. The policy is still not clear to all and is full of misconceptions. There are both negative as well as positive effects of GST. The prices of some products have gone down while most of the prices increased. For this GST, the government will certainly face challenges in the upcoming elections.


Demonetization left huge scars in the lives of people. Especially the lower class people are affected. If the demonetization had shown some results, maybe people could forget the mishap but alas it did not show any. Due to the recklessness of the government, people had to suffer a lot. For the fake promises made by the government, some people lost their lives too. Modi always said that he needs more time and the step will be beneficial but till now they are just hollow promises as not a single result can be seen. The RBI report stated that 99 % of the total money is back. Now that only means that all the black money has come back after turning into white money.

And there is GST. The consequences are not yet clear but one thing for sure, people do not seem to be too happy with the policy. Due to the unclear pattern, many small businessmen are facing huge problems. GST may have some good effects but demonetization was a complete blunder and BJP will feel the heat for sure in the next 2019 elections. Now let’s see what more BJP does to gain the trust of people which they had lost for sure.

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